Internationale Prüfungsordnunng (IPO)


Since more than 12,000 years, the dog has been the companion of mankind. Through the domestication of the dog, a close social relationship was formed with mankind and is in some respects dependent on him. With this comes a certain responsibility on the part of man to ensure the well-being of the dog.  

Directly when it comes to training the physical as well as the psychological health of the dog is top priority. It is imperative then that the dog be handled in a fair, orderly and humane way. This also should include adequate care of the dog through proper nutrition and water as well as maintaining his health which needs to include regular vaccinations and veterinary examinations. In addition to this there is an additional duty to the dog to properly socialize him and to ensure exercise to meets his needs.  

During the course of history, the dog has had various jobs to help man. In the modern day world, many of these duties have been relegated to technology. For this reason, the dog owner has the responsibility to ensure that the dog has other activities due to the loss of past jobs as well as adequate exercise and activities that offer close contact to people. Under this point of view the Companion Test – BH - , the versatility test for the utility dog, the tracking test – FH – and the article search test – STP – need to be factored in. The dog should be occupied according to his abilities and capabilities. Besides adequate exercise, he should have intense work with activities that take into consideration his learning ability, his exercise requirements as well as his other abilities. The various forms of the dog sport provide these excellent venues. Dogs that do not have enough activities stand out and this can lead to public complaints.  

A person who trains or does sport with his dog, has to undertake a method of careful training with the goal in mind to achieve the best possible harmony between himself and the dog. The goal of all training is to convey to the dog what it is we want him to do in such a way that he can understand. The harmonious agreement between man and his dog, regardless of the dog sport one does, is the basis for all activities. To achieve harmony, it is important to goes into the dog’s world and his understands his abilities.  

It remains the ethical responsibility of man to raise and adequately train the dog. The applied methods must meet the standards of behavioural scientists, especially in regards to the breed. In order to achieve the upbringing, training or training effect, it is important to not utilize force and to use positive methods for the dog. Furthermore it is imperative to decline the use of techniques that do not utilize the proper training, raising and training aides. Using a dog for dog sport has to be oriented to his capabilities, his competitive spirit and his willingness. Influencing the dogs learning capabilities through the use of medication or animal cruelty is to be declined. One must carefully acknowledge the capabilities of his dog. To demand work of a dog that does not have the capability to do so, contradicts every ethical level of consciousness. Only someone who takes the responsibility to be a true friend to his dog will take a healthy and capable dog to trials, competitions and training. 
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